Services we offer:



We are committed to using coaching as a method to support staff in roles and to bring out the best in people. We offer a flexible programme of coaching focused around the core principles of building rapport and trust, goal setting, defining actions, reviewing progress and support to achieve the goals. Normally a package of coaching will last around 6 months, but we have some customers who receive coaching over longer periods, because it works for them.

Healthy Child Programme

Across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland we are proud to have been involved in reviewing the current Healthy Child Programme and looking at plans for buying and planning the services that provide the programme across the country. We have looked at the evidence base for the programme and explored what local service users, staff in the services and key partners think about the current services, and what would be good for future services. This work has contributed to the development of new models which will provide integrated Healthy Child Programmes for children aged 0 – 19 and their families. This is important work.

Community Adult Mental Heath Service Design Initiatve

We have been involved in a large scale project looking at models of delivery of community mental health teams across Leicestershire.

Review of the 0 – 19 Healthy Child Programme

On behalf of Leicester City Council we are reviewing the 0 – 19  Healthy Child Programme. This is a really exciting project to help get ready for recommissioning of the programme.


We have skills and experience in meaningful engagement with service and non-service users in order to inform the planning, commissioning and delivery of services.  We also ensure that key stakeholders all have a say and are in agreement with agreed priorities.  We use a range of tools to gather views and have specialised skills in working with children and young people.

Service Evaluation

We believe that service users are the most important indicators of service quality and user feedback is central to our evaluation approach.  We identify outcomes and outputs and use scaling techniques to measure improvement before and after service interventions.  We develop evaluation frameworks, undertake service audit and produce evaluation reports with clear action plans for improvement.

Performance Management

We work with service planners and providers to ensure that the right targets and goals are set, with the interest of service users at the heart of delivery.  We develop review frameworks and ensure contracts are monitored and managed.

Developing Service Models

We work with service providers and commissioners to look at the best way to deliver services.  With an up to date knowledge of what works, in line with current policy developments, we ensure quality services that offer value for money are developed and delivered.  This includes clear criteria for services to meet the needs of the target groups.

Strategy Development

We work with service users, planners, buyers and providers to ensure that there is a shared vision with agreed priorities, and a well-defined way forward outlined through SMART action planning.   We ensure that strategies are in line with local needs and current policy and best practice, ensuring best use of resources.

Service Development

We offer a range of skills to ensure the effective planning and buying of services for communities and local populations, keeping the needs of service users central. We establish service need, identify service gaps, develop business cases, calculate capacity and provide mechanisms to manage demand.  We use a range of tools to improve services including process mapping, staff and public engagement, review and evaluation.