Services we offer: 


We develop training programmes and deliver training on a wide range of topics.

Conflict Resolution

Conflict can be damaging to companies and individuals.  It can affect morale and business results.  We offer analysis of problems and practical advice about how to minimise problems related to conflict.

Team Building

People work in teams and there is always a potential for improvement.   We focus on building successful teams though analysis, insight and reflection of individuals in teams, working patterns, team roles, strengths and challenges.  We use a range of team building and human metric tools, including personality tests based on Jung and Myers-Briggs typology.  We support the development of strong relationships through open and sensitive communication. We offer a flexible package of support over months and years.

Change Management

Our change management process offers a structured project management approach to understand and work through change on an individual, team or organisational level.  We support the move from a current position to a desired future state, realising benefits along the way.  We offer support to individuals to accept and embrace changes in their current work and life environment.


Executive Coaching

Coaching is an investment in individuals that has been shown to be effective in helping people identify and reach their goals.  It is an efficient flexible and focussed way of supporting individuals to meet development needs and leads to organisational improvement.


As facilitators we help groups of people understand their common objectives and assist groups to plan and achieve their goals.  This is done by remaining neutral and ensuring everyone has a say.  We listen, summarise and help groups achieve a consensus ensuring there is a strong basis for future action.

Personal Coaching

Through the development of a relationship developed over a period of months you will be supported to find your strengths and barriers to change. Your coach will help you identify and achieve personal goals, through a flexible bespoke coaching agreement.