Wellbeing, ‘the state of being comfortable, healthy and happy’ (Oxford dictionary). Although it may appear to be an ambiguous term, the mental health charity mind base their strategy on helping individuals improve and maintain their mental wellbeing. Here at Mair Health the team have been researching into the different routes to achieve such a state and the importance of it. We are even having a monthly theme of ‘achieving wellbeing’, where at the end of May we will discuss how we prioritised our own wellbeing and how we are going to ensure it remains in the future. After a team day out at Ragdale Hall health retreat, a sense of wellbeing was definitely achieved! It got me to wonder how was it that a day spent relaxing, reading books and eating delicious food leads to such satisfaction and happiness. After digging a bit deeper into my thoughts I learnt that the sense of wellbeing was achieved due to the fact that I had time to do the things I LOVE and that often get missed in a busy working life. I therefore pledged to ensure I have at least 30 minutes a day to read a book followed by 30 minutes of relaxation, be it walking the dog or colouring in (our new favourite hobby at Mair Health HQ).

So, we challenge you to understand what it is that makes you feel a sense of wellbeing and PRIORITISE these things on a day-to-day basis. After all, the world is a much better place through the eyes of a happy, healthy you!